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Action Item 0518.01

  • Adopted by the State Board of Education: May 18, 2011
  • Adopted by the Council of Higher Education: May 18, 2011
  • Adopted by the Teacher and School Leader Effectiveness Committee: March 16, 2011 


Whereas, nationally and in Pennsylvania, policymakers are increasingly focused on alternative pathways to teacher licensure; and 

Whereas, the Committee on Teacher and School Leader Effectiveness believes that alternative pathways to teacher certification should be rigorous, high-quality and connected with a demonstrated need; and 

Whereas, 22 Pa. Code § 403.4(c)(3) (relating to highly qualified teachers; additional certification avenues) provides that "teachers successfully completing a National teacher-training program approved by the State Board that requires a candidate to demonstrate mastery of the subject area to be taught and professional knowledge needed for classroom effectiveness, may be certified to teach in this Commonwealth without meeting further academic and testing requirements"; and 

Whereas, resolutions and regulations authorizing alternative pathways should be coupled with clear standards for rigorous program evaluation and regular renewal; and 

Whereas, alternative certification programs should be assessed against the same high standards expected of postsecondary post baccalaureate programs; and 

Whereas, alternative certification programs should be clearly linked with the policy goals of attracting mid-career professionals, filling hard-to-staff positions, and increasing the quality and diversity of applicant pools at the district level; and 

Whereas, further Board approval of alternative certification pathways should be preceded by careful, independent study of existing programs and evaluation of their impact on student achievement. 

Now, Therefore, Be It 

Resolved: That the State Board's resolution authorizing a pilot alternative certification program involving the Pittsburgh School District and The New Teacher Project sets important standards for consideration of subsequent requests from national organizations seeking the ability to recommend candidates via alternative pathways.