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The State Board of Education works closely with the Department of Education, state policymakers, educators and other interested stakeholders to review, develop and adopt regulations that govern significant components of both basic and higher education in the Commonwealth. Here you will find information about regulations currently under review by the Board.

Chapter 49 (Certification of Professional Personnel)

In November 2018, the Secretary of Education presented the State Board with draft proposed amendments to Chapter 49 (Certification of Professional Personnel).  The Board accepted the Secretary’s proposal on its agenda and announced its intention to consider the proposal as the Board initiated a required major review of Chapter 49.

Throughout the spring of 2019, the Board’s Teacher and School Leader Effectiveness Committee traveled across the state to gather feedback from interested stakeholders on the Secretary’s draft proposed amendments to the Chapter.  The Committee heard from diverse stakeholders at public hearings in Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Lock Haven, and Pittsburgh.  The Committee also invited individuals who could not attend one of its hearings to submit their comments on Chapter 49 in writing.  All testimony and written comments on Chapter 49 were made available to all Board members for review.

The Committee will consider the issues raised by stakeholders as it prepares a draft proposed set of amendments for recommendation to the Board’s Council of Higher Education.

Below you will find a copy of the Secretary of Education’s draft proposed amendments to Chapter 49, along with an Executive Summary of the Secretary’s recommendations and a report on certification research and recommendations prepared by the Learning Policy Institute.