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The State Board of Education works closely with the Department of Education, state policymakers, educators, and other interested stakeholders to review, develop and adopt regulations that govern significant components of both basic and higher education in the Commonwealth. Here you will find information about regulations currently under review by the Board.

Chapter 4 (Academic Standards and Assessment)

The Board's Committee on Academic Standards/Chapter 4 (Committee) is designated by the Board to oversee issues related to academic standards and assessment that are governed by the regulations at 22 Pa. Code Chapter 4 and to recommend draft revisions to Chapter 4. In September 2022, the Committee met to determine next steps in its work to conduct required periodic reviews of the academic standards that are promulgated in Chapter 4. The Committee reached consensus to open the following three sets of standards for review: Career Education and Work, Economics, and Family and Consumer Sciences.

The Committee further requested that the Department of Education serve in partnership to support this effort by engaging educators and other content experts in an initial review of the standards. Through that consultation with external stakeholders, the Committee requested that the Department develop recommendations on whether the standards should be revised and, if so, formulate draft amendments to the standards for consideration by the Committee. A memo that reflects the Committee's request of the Department can be found here: Review of Academic Standards for Career Education and Work, Family and Consumer Sciences, and Economics (PDF)

The Department presented recommendations developed by the standards review content committees at a public meeting of the Board's Committee on Chapter 4 on July 12, 2023.  The report, including a summary of key recommendations and detailed appendices that identify recommended standards updates, can be found here: Pennsylvania Career Education and Work, Economics, Family and Consumer Sciences, and Personal Finance Standards Recommendations of the Content Committees (PDF)

The Committee also announced that it would consider amendments to other provisions of Chapter 4 in tandem with the recommendations on academic standards in the aforementioned report.  Draft amendments to other provision of Chapter 4 were posted for public review on the Board's website.

In the fall of 2023, the Committee held public hearings and accepted written testimony to collect input on these standards recommendations and on the draft amendments to Chapter 4 from additional stakeholders.  In addition to the Committee reviewing and considering this additional stakeholder input, the initial standards content review teams were reconvened to review input from the broader stakeholder outreach that was conducted in the fall of 2023.  An report from the initial standards review teams was presented to the Board at its public meetin​g in November of 2023​​.

On January 11, 2024, the Committee met and recommended proposed amendments to Chapter 4, including updated academic standards that would replace the current standards for Career Education and Work, Economics, and Family and Consumer Sciences and including proposed new standards for Personal Finance.  The proposed amendments to Chapter 4 also were approved by the Council of Basic Education and by the State Board of Education.  These proposed amendments collectively comprise the documents linked below labeled Annex A, Appendix C-1, Appendix D-1, Appendix E-1, and Appendix F.

Annex A (PDF)
Proposed Academic Standards for Career Education and Work (Appendix E-1) (PDF)
Proposed Academic Standards for Economics (Appendix C-1) (PDF)
Proposed Academic Standards for Family and Consumer Sciences (Appendix D-1) (PDF)

Proposed Academic Standards for Personal Finance (Appendix F)  (PDF)​

On June 15, 2024, a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking was published in the Pennsylvania Bulletin.  Interested persons and individuals affiliated with small businesses are invited to submit written comments on this proposed rulemaking to Karen Molchanow, Executive Director, State Board of Education at 333 Market Street, 1st Floor, Harrisburg, PA 17126 or   Comments on the proposed rulemaking as published in the Pennsylvania Bulletin must be submitted to the Board within 30 days of publication of the notice of proposed rulemaking.  Access the publication of the proposed rulem​aking.

Chapter 16 (Gifted Education)

In September 2022, the Board's Committee on Special and Gifted Education (Committee) announced that it would open 22 Pa. Code Chapter 16 (Gifted Education) for review. Section 16.6(c) of the regulation establishes that the Board will review the Chapter at least every four years to ensure its consistent interpretation and application.

The Board's last review of Chapter 16 was commenced in the fall of 2018 and, at the culmination of that process, the Committee endorsed a series of recommendations to improve gifted education for students in the Commonwealth. To inform its review of Chapter 16, the Committee invited the Department of Education to make a presentation on the status of implementing recommendations previously endorsed by the Committee. The status update presented by the Department in September of 2022 can be found here: 2019 Committee Recommendations for PA Gifted Education (PDF)

The Committee invited interested stakeholders to provide perspectives on gifted education at three public roundtables during the fall of 2022. Roundtables were held in Central Pennsylvania (October 20), Western Pennsylvania (October 25), and Eastern Pennsylvania (October 27) using a hybrid virtual and in-person format.  In addition to hearing from interested stakeholders at these public roundtables, the Committee also accepted comments on gifted education in writing through the end of October 2022.  This stakeholder input was reviewed and considered by the Committee. 

The Committee met on July 12, 2023, and adopted recommendations that are intended to improve the delivery of gifted education services and provide greater clarity to the field on the application of the current regulations in Chapter 16.  The Committee's recommendation can be found here: Gifted Education Recommendations (PDF)