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The State Board of Education works closely with the Department of Education, state policymakers, educators, and other interested stakeholders to review, develop and adopt regulations that govern significant components of both basic and higher education in the Commonwealth. Here you will find information about regulations currently under review by the Board.

Chapter 4 (Academic Standards and Assessment)

In fall 2019, the State Board of Education directed the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) to undertake an effort to update our current academic standards in Science and Technology (2002) and Environment and Ecology (2002) and to return with recommendations for updated standards for the Board's consideration. Recommendations were developed through extensive outreach to interested stakeholders and engagement of content experts in drafting standards updates.

Access background on the process PDE conducted to develop recommendations, a report on stakeholder feedback and research that informed this work, and reports that provide context for the recommended standards updates.

The Board's Committee on Academic Standards/Chapter 4 accepted the recommendations presented by the Department on its agenda for consideration and endorsed their approval as proposed amendments to Chapter 4 (Academic Standards and Assessment). On September 9, 2020, the proposed amendments to Chapter 4 subsequently were approved by both the Council of Basic Education and the State Board of Education.

The proposed regulation includes amendments to Chapter 4 reflected in both the Annex and in Appendix B-1 as linked below.

The Annex sets forth a proposed July 1, 2024, effective date for three new sets of standards: the Pennsylvania Standards for Integrated Science, Environment, Ecology, Technology and Engineering (grades K-5), the Pennsylvania Standards for Integrated Science, Environment and Ecology (grades 6-12), and the Pennsylvania Technology and Engineering Standards (grades 6-12). The proposed academic standards are presented in Appendix B-1.

The Annex also includes technical amendments to align Chapter 4 with changes to the Public School Code of 1949 enacted by the General Assembly that revised high school graduation requirements, lowered the compulsory school age to 6, and updated terminology to replace references to "vocational-technical education" with "career and technical education."

Chapter 4 (Proposed):

Proposed amendments to 22 Pa. Code Chapter 4 were published in the Pennsylvania Bulletin on June 5, 2021.  The Board will accept public comments on its proposed rulemaking for 30 days following the June 5 publication date.  Interested stakeholders may submit comments to the Board in writing at or 333 Market Street, 1st Floor, Harrisburg, PA 17126. 

The June 5, 2021 issue of the Pennsylvania Bulletin containing publication of the Board's proposed rulemaking can be found here: Pennsylvania Bulletin (  

Chapter 49 (Certification of Professional Personnel)

In November 2018, the Secretary of Education presented recommended amendments to Chapter 49 (Certification of Professional Personnel) to the State Board. The Secretary's recommendations were informed by multiple stakeholder convenings, along with a report on certification research and recommendations prepared by the Learning Policy Institute (LPI). Below you will find a copy of LPI's report.

The Board accepted the Secretary's proposal on its agenda and announced its intention to consider the proposal as the Board initiated a required major review of Chapter 49.

Throughout the spring of 2019, the Board's Teacher and School Leader Effectiveness Committee traveled across the state to gather feedback from interested stakeholders on the Secretary's recommended amendments to the Chapter. The Committee heard from diverse stakeholders at public hearings in Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Lock Haven, and Pittsburgh. The Committee also invited individuals who could not attend its hearings to submit their comments on Chapter 49 in writing. All testimony and written comments were reviewed and considered by the Board.

On July 8, 2020, the Teacher and School Leader Effectiveness Committee adopted proposed amendments to Chapter 49 that were informed by its review of stakeholder comments. The proposed amendments were subsequently approved by the Council of Higher Education and the State Board of Education.

Proposed Amendments to Chapter 49 (PDF)

The proposed amendments were published for public comment, and all comments on the proposed rulemaking were shared with the House Education Committee, Senate Education Committee, and the Independent Regulatory Review Commission for review.  The Board will consider comments received from interested stakeholders in formulating a final rulemaking.