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School Library Study

House Resolution 987 of 2010 directed the State Board of Education to work with PDE to conduct a study of library services for students in kindergarten through grade 12 in each public school building in the Commonwealth.

In addition to evaluating current school library services, H.R. 987 charged the State Board and PDE with making recommendations to improve and update school library resources, services, and facilities; recommendations to provide all students with school library services to enable them to become successful readers, learners, researchers, and producers of information; and recommendations to address school library inequities or gaps affecting disadvantaged students and communities.

To fulfill the requirements of H.R. 987, we needed to collect data on schools’: library collections; library staff; library access; print and electronic resources; library funding; technological equipment; and library services and programs since such information was not readily available.  To collect the necessary data elements, the Board constructed an electronic survey tool.  All superintendents and charter school leaders were asked to share this survey with their staff responsible for library services and to ensure that the survey was accurately completed and returned to the Board.  A copy of the School Library Survey is included as an appendix to the final report.

Finally, H.R. 987 also requested that the State Board hold public roundtables on a draft of the School Library Study to solicit public input on the report. The Board convened three public roundtables on the draft study at school libraries across the Commonwealth. Public roundtables were held at Parkland High School in Allentown, Susquehanna Township High School in Harrisburg, and Northwest Pennsylvania Collegiate Academy in Erie.

Efforts related to the School Library Study were led by the State Board's Ad Hoc Committee on School Libraries.

Ad Hoc Committee on School Libraries

Mollie Phillips, Chair
Connie Davis
Karen White

School Library Study