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Education Costing-Out Study

Pennsylvania's Education Costing-Out Study was requested by the General Assembly in House Bill 185 of 2005 and overseen by the State Board of Education.  House Bill 185 directed the State Board to conduct or provide for a comprehensive statewide Costing-Out Study to arrive at a determination of the basic cost per pupil to provide an education that will permit a student to meet the state's academic standards.  The final report of the Costing-Out Study addresses what it will cost for each school district in the state to achieve the academic performance that is expected of them.  The report was produced by Augenblick, Palaich and Associates.

Costing-Out Study Final Report Documents

Costing-Out Study Final Report (Revised 12-5-07) (PDF)
Appendix E -Geographic Cost of Living Index (12-5-07) (Excel)
Appendix F - School District Costing-Out Estimates (12-5-07) (Excel)  

Costing-Out Study Materials

Spreadsheet used by APA to determine the cost amounts for each school district 

Study Implementation Process

Document used by the Professional Judgment Panels and the Expert Panel as the basis to design a hypothetical school or school district that will permit its students to meet the state standards.