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Chapter 10 (Safe Schools)

Act 104 of 2010 required the State Board of Education to promulgate regulations that set forth a model memorandum of understanding between school entities and local police departments; establish protocol for notifying police when certain offenses occur on school property; establish protocol for emergency and nonemergency response by the police; and establish procedures and protocols for the response and handling of students with disabilities.

Act 104: Authorizing Legislation  (PDF)

To advance this work, the Board’s standing committee on School and University Safety convened and consulted with a stakeholders' Advisory Committee.  Membership of the Advisory Committee was ratified by the full State Board on March 16, 2011, and the Committee held its first meeting on April 14, 2011.

Advisory Committee Members (PDF)

The State Board approved Chapter 10 (Safe Schools) as a new regulatory chapter to address the requirements of Act 104, along with a model Memorandum of Understanding between a School Entity and Local Law Enforcement that will be published as an appendix to Chapter 10.  Chapter 10 will be circulated for regulatory review as a final-omit regulation and will take effect upon publication in the Pennsylvania Bulletin.

Chapter 10 (Safe Schools) (PDF)

Model Memorandum of Understanding  (PDF)